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  1. Nicest Hoyt Carbon Element CandyApple Red!

    Women's and Youth Bows
    One of the Nicest Hoyt Carbon Element CandyApple Red! bows I have ever seen. This bow has been upgraded with world famous Barnsdale Limbs 30-40 lbs. This bow has never been shot with the new limbs on it. It has famous fuel cams for speed and smoothness. Only flaw is a minor chip right by the...
  2. brand new to bow hunting. HELP

    ArcheryTalk Women
    Hey there, I am very new to archery but in love already. I am a decent shot already but my grouping needs improving. Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated. THANKS!!
  3. Hoyt Kobalt 2010 50lb Target Pink

    Women's and Youth Bows
    Selling my daughters former target bow for $300. This is a 2010 Hoyt Kobalt in Target pink with XT 500 Pro Series limbs. DL is 21.5" to 24" and 40-50lb limbs and 28 ATA. Comes with a custom Posten stab. Hooded Specialty peep will be left on the bow. This bow has made a few appearances at...
  4. Bear Apprentice 2 in Great Condition

    Women's and Youth Bows
    My son is moving up to a Bear Cruzer and wants to sell his Apprentice 2 to help pay for it. It is in great condition. * 15-50 lbs adjustable draw weight - no press required * 15"-27" adjustable draw length - no press required * Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit * Trophy Ridge 3 pin sight * Quiver...
  5. Scott Archery Fox Release

    Rests, Releases, Grips, Wrist Straps and Slings
    My wife just acquired a thumb release and has decided she wants to sell her wrist release. Up for grabs is a Scott Archery Fox. This thing is nearly in new condition. She has only used it a handful of times. I realize I do not have any feedback on Archery talk but you can look me up under the...
  6. Mission Archery: Free ConUS Shipping

    Hunting Bows
    Free Shipping, to Lower 48 States. Consignment bows shipped at buyers expense. Check out our new bow inventory online MISSION, Brand new in original box: Note: Mission bows which are shipped; will not have warranty. CRAZE, new: 15# - 70# 19"-30" Rotating Mods...
  7. Brand new unregistered mission craze

    Women's and Youth Bows
    I have a 2015 mission craze in white tiger camo unregistered. Has been set up and that's it. Maybe 20 arrows through it. Will sell with a 5pin tru glo sight and trophy ridge revolution drop away peep and loop.22-30 dl and 15-70 pound limbs. 275 bare bow and 350 set up. Would like to trade for...
  8. G5 Quest Radical Package + extras

    Women's and Youth Bows
    Bow is less than a year old and not used heavily. My son used it, so it is currently set up as a youth bow. (23.5 DL and 20-25 lb DW) We found we are shooting target only, so moved him into a Hoyt. ATA is 29" DL is 17.5" to 30" DW is 15 to 70 lbs Please don't quote me on those numbers. You can...
  9. Hoyt Ruckas 2013! Fully loaded for $280.00 plus shipping

    Women's and Youth Bows
    I have a pink realtree camo Hoyt ruckas. Draw weight is 18-50 and draw length goes up to 28-29 inches. I am 23 and this bow still fits me. Very light and I can't even max it out. Looking to upgrade and need to sell it. Comes with a qda drop down arrow rest. A stablizer. Large peep sight and...
  10. The Bests Woman Bows for 2015

    General Archery Discussion
    What are people saying for the best woman's bow for 2015? Ive heard amazing things about Eva Shockey bow but haven't had a chance to try it. I tried out the Bowtech carbon rose and Elite spirit. I didn't like the grip on the carbon rose, I liked the elite spirit but its known to be a slower bow...
  11. Need advice on release aids PLEASE

    ArcheryTalk Women
    Hey I'm very new to archery (like just about to purchase a compound bow for the first time EVER) and I will primarily use it for hunting (once I get good enough) and I was just wondering what brand or style release y'all like? Because I have small wrist and longer fingers... so any help is...
  12. best bow suggestion

    General Archery Discussion
    My girlfriend keeps saying she wants a bow so I'm researching and want to get her one for Christmas. What are your suggestions for a women's bow that is not extremely expensive? I personally shoot Mathews bows but don't know what would be good for a woman with adjustable draw weight. Let me...
  13. Great bow for Beginners Woman And Children

    Hunting Bows
    Used Diamond Razor Edge. 30 to 60 pound draw weight change, and a large draw length change (I am not sure of the exact length changes, but if you are interested I will find out.) You name the price and I will say YES or NO! PM me your E-Mail for pics. Thanks for looking...
  14. Hoyt Alphamax

    Women's and Youth Bows
    I have a good looking hoyt alphamax with black riser and camo limbs with a apex sight, bone collector quiver and tru ball release. The bow draw length is currently 25.5 and the limbs are 40 to 50 lb limbs. this is an excellent bow for a women or a youth shooter. $500 tyd I have a nice black...
  15. Wife thinks she wants to start shooting

    Want to buy (WTB) or Want to trade (WTT) Bows?
    The wife has been showing quite a bit of interest in archery lately and she has been looking at bows. She can handle about a 30# draw right now, and DL is 26". Looking for something in the 30-40# range, doesn't have to be girly but that would be a bonus. $300 is probably tops right now, until we...
  16. Are there any other tall women on here? I am 5' 10".

    ArcheryTalk Women
    I am wondering if there are any other tall women on here that could suggest bows to me. I am having a hard time finding 50# bows that can go to a 28.5" draw length. I am wanting to buy a used bow.
  17. Is it possible to find 50# used guys bows?

    General Archery Discussion
    I am wanting to buy a 50# bow in about a month or so and I am wondering if it is going to be possible for me to find a used 50# bow that can go to a 28.5" draw length? I was looking at buying either an elite, obsession, strother, or new breed bow, but I am open to other brands.
  18. Need help deciding what kind of a used bow to buy!

    General Archery Discussion
    Hi everyone, I am wanting to buy a used bow in a month or two. I am wondering though what kind of a bow I should get? I am thinking that I will want to use the bow for hunting and possibly indoor target shooting, but I don't know a whole lot about target shooting. This will be my first bow and I...
  19. Advice on equipment to get when just starting out?

    ArcheryTalk Women
    Hi everyone, I am a young woman wanting to get in to archery and was wondering if any of you could give some advice on what equipment and stuff to start out with. I am 5' 10" and decently strong. I was thinking about starting out with a diamond outlaw 40-50lb. bow, but am open to suggestions. I...
  20. Advice for a woman just getting into archery?

    General Archery Discussion
    Hi everyone, do you have any advice for a woman, such as myself, who is just getting into archery? I would love some advice on what equipment and accessories you all recommend. I haven't purchased anything yet. Also if you have any tips or tricks on technique that would be welcome as well. Thanks!