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  1. General Archery Discussion
    What are people saying for the best woman's bow for 2015? Ive heard amazing things about Eva Shockey bow but haven't had a chance to try it. I tried out the Bowtech carbon rose and Elite spirit. I didn't like the grip on the carbon rose, I liked the elite spirit but its known to be a slower bow...
  2. Maple Leaf Classified Ads
    2014 PSE Verge purchased in October 2014 (4 months old) Draw Weight 50# Draw length 22" - 27" (Currently set at 24.5") I'll include the PSE RTS package and TrueGlo kisser button. Looking to get $500 I brought it new for $650 before tax 4 months ago It has never been dry fired I love...
  3. Broadhead Discussion
    I'll be shooting the Mathews Jewel at about 50# and 26" dl with a 365 grain arrow. opinions on whether or not I'll be able to shoot the rage two blade? or should i go with the 40KE's instead?
  4. ArcheryTalk Women
    I am looking for a nice pink bow for my wife. She is left handed and I am trying to get her to start shooting. Please call or text Danny 8593911301! Thanks
1-4 of 31 Results