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  1. 70's Yamaha Recurve bow - looking for information

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    I bought a RH Yamaha recurve bow (30#, 65") in 1971 when I took up archery as a teen. Used it for several years for target/competition shooting and have had it since. I would now like to sell it to an appreciative buyer, but cannot find any information on this bow to determine what it might be...
  2. YAMAHA: Alpha-EX Ceramic Carbon Limbs for sale

    Target Bows
    YAMAHA: Alpha-EX Ceramic Carbon Limbs for sale, silver surface with big red YAMAHA lettering. These are medium length limbs, with long riser would give the bow 68" in length with a draw weight of 43#. These limbs are very clean, some wear with the portion that goes into the limb socket...
  3. Yamaha: Eolla riser rh 25" long gray pearl color - video now available

    Target Bows
    YAMAHA: EOLLA RISER RH LONG GRAY PEARL COLOR. Almost no wear to the surface except 3 tiny little chip which is hardly visible unless you look closely for it. This YAMAHA Eolla riser is an excellent example of one of the best risers ever made, proven in the 1996 Olympics with Gold Medals won in...