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  1. WTB/WTT Left Hand Accessories and Parts
    I have a new to me Hoyt Vectrix with #6 Vector cams. I love the bow and can shoot it pretty well. I'm starting to think the 30 in. DL is too long for me. Looking to see what is out there for LH Vector or Z3 cams #4 or #5. I would also consider buying a whole bow to get the cams if the price...
  2. Hunting Bows
    Hoyt Katera XL with Z3 Cams, RH, 29" DL, 60-70lbs This bow has been fully equiped for hunting and comes complete with a release, arrows, and 5 brand new 125gr Thunderhead broadheads. The bow has been silenced with Sims Vibration Labs accessories and camo felt on the arrow shelf. Package...
  3. Hunting Bows
    I have a set of Hoyt Z3 6.0 Cams (right handed) that came off of my Hoyt Katera. They're made for a set 29" draw length with 75% let off. String and cables can come with for an additional $40. Cams are in great shape! Top cam does have a minor knick in it (as you can see in the pictures)...
  4. Want to buy (WTB) or Want to trade (WTT) Bows?
    I am currently looking to buy Hoyt's Z3 7.0 (30" DL) Cams (right handed) for my Hoyt Katera XL. I have the 6.0 (29" DL) on my bow currently. I am willing to trade as well.
  5. Women's and Youth Bows
    2011 Hoyt MAXXIS 31 Electric Blue 23.5 in draw Z3 cams 40-50 lb limbs Brand new strings nice bow!! Paypal $430 TYD
  6. Strings, cams, modules and limbs
    just took off my hoyt katera. hoyt z3 cam & 1/2 5.5 and string. string is less then a yr old and is in good shape. string is black and moss green. 75 bucks tyd
  7. Strings, cams, modules and limbs
    Hoyt Z3 6.0RH Cams Like New Hoyt Z3 6.0 RH Cams. These cams came off of my 2008 Hoyt Katera that made it have a 29" Draw Length. I bought the bow New in 2010 from a proshop that had just never sold it and it had been sitting on the shelf. He made me a really good deal on it even though the draw...
  8. Strings, cams, modules and limbs
    I have a like new set of Hoyt Z3 4.0 Right Hand Cams for sale. Came off my 08' Katera I bought in 2010, bought the bow new from a proshop where it had just never got sold. Got a great deal on the bow I couldnt pass up even though the draw length was too long so I just bought a set of Z3 3.0...
  9. Misc. Items Only Want to Buy or Trade? WTB or WTT
    i just bought a 09 hoyt katera with z3 4.0 cams which give me a 27" draw length with winners choice string but i need z3 5.5 cams so i can have a 28.5" draw length so ill also need new strings
  10. Hunting Bows
    Hello Guys, I am looking for a Hoyt Maxxis 31 with a 25 in draw length. That means I need it with the Z3 cams. I would like 60-70# draw. Please let me know what you have. Thanks in advance! Brian
  11. General Archery Discussion
    My question is does anyone know what will change on my bow if I swap out the Vector cams for the Z3 cams? I have a 2007 Vectrix XL with the Vector 4.5 Cams. I am trying to shorten my draw length to 28.5" from 29" by swapping out my 4.5 cams for a set of 4.0 cams. My only problem is that I am...
1-11 of 12 Results