$110 TYD for everything. Not breaking up And no trades

Shafts are in great condition of them haven’t even been shot

In the 350 spine I have 17 each for sale. I will also include 4ea. Of the 400 spine

350 Spine:
-26” carbon to carbon
-bare shaft with nock 240gr
-shok TL 50 gr. insert hot melt in all but 5 shafts. With 8 more inserts in bag
  • three are fletched with a left offset with Q2I rapt x vanes 3 fletch. four are fletched with bohning heat vanes 4 fletchwith a right offset.
  • all shafts were measured for straightness on a ram spine tester with the worst ends cut off. Most come out to. 003 straightness or better. Also all were squared on each end.
  • different knocks are used, bohning, AAE, X Nock.
  • also have some, 5-7 glue in points I’ll throw in

Light Wood Line Wall Rectangle

Wood Rectangle Font Flooring Musical instrument accessory

Wood Musical instrument accessory Font Gas Technology

Wood Line Gas Musical instrument Metal