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06 Deer contest- Team 18 signin

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Team 18 sign in.
We need to come up with a name before all the good ones are taken.
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I'll be in west-central Ohio, about 10 miles from the Indiana line. My in-laws own 1000 acres and I am the only one that has permission to hunt. Have 3 bucks on trail cam this year that will score 150 or better. One last year that will be over 180 that was not taken by anyone. As far as names I am real flexible. Falcon where are you located?
Bow-Dacious is fine with me. Here is one that I have about 20 pics of.
Wildlife Deer Terrestrial animal White-tailed deer Roe deer

Deer Elk Reindeer Antler Wildlife

2 more bucks

Wildlife Deer Organism Night Antelope

This one is last years that wasn't shot (I saw him end of January) so should still be out there
Atmospheric phenomenon Deer Wildlife Elk Antler
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1 - 2 of 50 Posts
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