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06 Deer contest- Team 18 signin

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Team 18 sign in.
We need to come up with a name before all the good ones are taken.
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Checking in for team 18! My home state for hunting is Georgia. One of the top trophy buck states in the southeast. I also will spend November 3rd through the 10th up a tree in southeastern Ohio! I've had pretty good success there 4 out of the past 5 years.

As far as a team name goes I'll make 3 suggestions:

Razors Edge
Sad Daddy's Nightmare (any T.K. and Mike fans out there?)
Last year's Georgia buck. Don't let this little southern state fool ya we've got some good bucks here!


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This one from Georgia in 2001


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Milhouse that'll make you look forward to hunting season!

I submitted our team name (Bow-Dacious) to Whitefeather. Hope that was alright with the rest of the group!
FarmBoy that last buck is pretty awesome. Gotta love Ohio! Our season opens September 9th but I don't usually even try to hunt my best buck stands until the last week in October. We hunt the 3rd through 10th in Ohio. Our season lasts until January 1st and our best hunting is November and December. Plenty of time in September to get that 50 points for a doe though!
#hunter we hunt our week in November each year just outside of Nelsonville!
We eat lunch at the Mine Tavern once or twice that week, maybe you can drop by.
Guys I like our chances! Everybody seems to know their business and we definately have some guys hunting in big buck country!
I pm'ed both of them but so far no response. kpsingleton is in Ohio and I'd hate to lose an Ohio guy!
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