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06 Deer Team 21 Check in

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By my avatar and location you can tell I am from Connecticut. We don't get the biggest deer in the country, but they are plentiful. I can guarantee a doe and am pretty sure to get a buck for the team.

Where is everyone from?

Names - suggest we work on one quick before the losers on other teams pull the best ones out from under us (about the only thing they could beat us on this year). My list:

1. Backstrap Boys
2. Pope & Youngers
3. Buck Baggers
4. Full Draw
5. P&Y Posse
6. Team Pass Through
7. Robin Hoods
8. Cutting Edge
9. Tree Top Snypers
10. The 12 Ringers
11. Rack Rackers
12. Ruttin Grunts
13. Velvet Touch
14. Unforgotten Warriors
15. Straight Shooters
16. Ultimate Predators
17. Wallhangers
18. The Unforeseen 15
19. The Rack Pack
20. Buck Elimin8tors
21. Forest Ghosts
22. Team America
23. Longshafts

I'd be happy to try to run the selection process - quickly - if no one else wants to do it. But if someone wants to step in PLEASE do so.

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backstrap boys

hey everyone im glad to be on the team and cant wait to make u proud. I hunt in south central, and south eastern kansas and have some big bucks ican take if i can get on them. i'll do my best but ive never done this competition so could some of u go into some details for me

Got to eat tag soup last year,, but this year looks reeeal good!
Good luck to all my team members this year! Getting pumped thinking about it!

Lucky 21!! Its gonna be a good year!!
Hey everyone, im hunting Missouri on a new lease this year and from what i have seen it is going to be awesome. There was a mid 180s buck killed on it 2 years ago and i have some pictures of a deer or 2 that will easily go over 150 and several more that are around 130, so needless to say im pumped.

As for a team name Longshafters, Backstrap Boys, or maybe Backstrap Bandits anything is good with me
Hey everybody, West Kentucky here. I have permission to hunt on I guess around 2000 acres on several different farms here and there. There are definitely some good deer around my neck of the woods. I have been pretty lucky with the bucks up til now...hope i can hook up again this year. From the looks of it so far , we got a pretty good team as far as geographics go.

My bro-in-law is on team 7, so there's gonna be some pretty good smack talk goin on lmao

Longshafters or Ultimate Predators
Evening, I'm checking in from wisconsin. I hunt private/ public land all over the state. Last year I took three deer. I'm hoping to have as good of success this year. Nice to meet you all. um, backstrap boys or ultimate predators would be fine w/ me.
Holy smokes - this is shapin' up to be a dream team. I searched on everyone's name and with the info here we have:
2 from Wisconsin
2 from Kansas
2 from Missouri
1 from Illinois
1 from Ohio
1 from Michigan
1 from Kentucky
1 from Georgia
1 from Florida
1 from Pennsylvania
1 from Connecticut
1 unknown (Ridley)

From my perspective this looks pretty sweet. Love the Midwest!!!:thumbs_up And I know GA, FL, and PA can deliver a lotta points, too. :darkbeer:
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Will there be an official rules thread started? And how about does?
Rules coming soon according to a message posted somewhere by Whitefeather. It is a given that this team will win:wink:
Hey guys- sorry about starting another thread. I was just so darn excited. We do have some HUGE deer up here. There where two Bonners taken within 5 mintues of my house last season. Of course letting one feel the sting for the Hoyt is a different story. As far as a team name goes Longshafters works, I like Team America too.
I love the Land of Lincoln! HUGE BUCKS!!! Sorry I ever left the state - but then I'd probably never have gotten into this sport if I had not. Hoyt19,:thumbs_up I know you will deliver! :thumbs_up
when does everybodys season start ours is oct. 1 and im pumped how bout u we are gonna kick some butt
Sept. 2nd here and chompin at the bit.... got out after supper and did a little shooting with my son. can't freakin' wait!!!

where the heck is the rest of our team?
i don know but i seen that in the bowhunting forum that the real 21st and the real team do to a mistake has signed more peaple up is that cause there upset about not making it in
I dunno what the reason is for the extra team. Doesn't matter to me, just more people to insult when we win. The archery season in wisconsin starts sept. 16 and ends sometime in January. I can't wait!
Lets see some deer pics guys

This one was shot second weekend last year over a fallow field...i missed her fawn at about 32 yds. and drilled her on the second shot. They were eating clover in the field. It was my first deer w/ a bow. She went about 200 yds. from a liver shot. I just started bowhunting seriously last year. Wish we could score more than one doe...I plan on shooting property is overrun... More to come later, I don't want to spoil you guys....:wink:


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ecmbowhunter said:
Sept. 2nd here and chompin at the bit.... got out after supper and did a little shooting with my son. can't freakin' wait!!!

where the heck is the rest of our team?
That's a good ?:confused:
adamfigge - checked in
RUT_N_BUCK -checked in
kspsefamilyman -checked in
wind in face -checked in
Midlife Crisis -checked in
hoyt19 -checked in
ecmbowhunter -checked in

This is what we have so far... maybe someone could pm the other guys eventually if they don't show. I've had a few too many :darkbeer: tonight for that.:tongue:
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how do u upload pictures on here
Click on the manage attachments button when you reply and you can upload them there. Somtimes the file size will be too big and then you'll have to resize them. I use ms paint to resize my pics. Or you can just pm me and shoot me an email and I'll get them on here for ya. Glad to see ya on here ksps, it's a good site and I think you'll enjoy your stay here. Hope ya get a big' un this year. There's a few threads on here about posting pics as well. Just lemme know if you can't get it to work.
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