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08 Bowtech Blowout

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Starting on October 1, 2008 the Hunt'N'Shak in GUMSPRING VIRGINIA will be selling Bowtech 08 bows at great Prices these will be sold IN STORE ONLY
101Airborn's for $200 off or $250 in accessories.
Ally's $150 off or $175 in accessories
General's $150 off or $175 in accessories
Guardian's $150 off or $175 in accessories
Connie's $150 off or $175 in accessories
Equailizer's $175 off or $200 in accessories

These bows are in assorted camo patterns and again you need to purchase from the store only no internet or phone orders
IN Store Sales Only must be purchased in the store, no internet sales or phone orders
we are 2 hours from DC in central Virginia
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08 Tomkat

OK 08 Tomkat's are $400 in the store as well. great deal on a package bow

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Bump...........for a great shop and awesome customer service.

And thanks for setting up my sweet shooting bow!:tongue:

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08 PSE Bows

The PSE bows can will be shipped if ordered and set to DL before shipping

X-Force $699.99
DreamSeason $699.99
LD $699.99
SuperShort $699.99
TreeStand Package $679.99
MossyOak X $575

PM if intrested

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Only A few Left

With only a few bows left from today through close on friday the 10th I will mark bows down 1 last time for anyone needing 1 here you go Bowtech is IN STORE ONLY PSE WILL SHIP FROM STORE
101 Airborn 70lb HWG RH $500
Commander 70lb MO $400
Guardian 70lb $500
General 70lb $500
DreamSeason 70 or 60lb RH $600
SuperShort 70lb RH $600
Not many left so hurry while you can
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