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I'm selling an 08' Mathews Drenalin compound bow. Hate to see it go, but I need the money..

-Draw weight is set at 68 lbs, but is adjustable from 60-70 lbs
-29" Draw Length

Comes with:
-5 pin adjustable Sword Acu-Sight
-Mathews Dead-end string stop
-Trophy Taker Drop-away arrow rest
-Limb Saver Stabilizer
-Corba release
-8 Easton AXIS "N-Fused Carbon" arrows
-Hardened bow case

I replaced the Harmonic Dampers and roller guards with custom orange colors ( I have all orange or black). Also has an orange/black custom "Buck Nasty" bow string.

Contact me by PM. I will provide ph# to serious buyers. Thanks

$535 shipped. Lwr-48


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