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09 82nd Airborne

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I had a 08 82nd and didn't like it . I sold it after 4 days . I should have just moved the string supressor down by using an STS .

Anyway I was shopping for another new bow and shot the 09 82nd . It is a great bow , smooth and fast . They didn't have 27.5 mods , so I used the smooth mods from a Tribute I believe . Last year I was told they didn't work . It draws nicer and I only lost 6 FPS. or so .

I'll get the regular 82nd mods , but might just stick with what's in there now . It's shooting my 415 grain Axis 340 at 301 FPS. at 27.5 inch draw 71 lbs. That should do in any elk or deer I shoot at , LOL . :darkbeer: Dave