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09' Hoyt VantageElite!!!

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This is a 09’ Hoyt VantageElite, Right handed 50-60 .lb draw weight comes with the Cam & 1/2 plus, draw length adjust from 28.5 to 31 inches. This bow is brand new and never been shot, I ordered the bow for a new target bow to shoot this year though before it came in I found a great deal on a used bow that I could get shooting before this one would arrive. Asking $1,250 tyd.



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bump for a good deal

Bump for a good bow at a good Price I believe that most of the time retail on this bow is 1399.99
I have shot the Vantage Elite, and it is a X Killer for sure.

I HAVE GOT TO ASK.....What is the other bow you set up?

Everyone I have talked to is loving this new Hoyt.
Good speed, great brace height, long axle to axle, only down side for me is the mass weight. I don't think I would be shooting anything else if I shot compound, maybe a ProElite but I digress.
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