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Doing a little spring cleaning and decided it was time to sell off some of my bows

09 Monster- set at 27" but have access to other modules 60 to 70 lbs. Matthews drop away rest, no-torque grip, G-5 peep. Very fast and accurate- IBO at 27 inches 314. $650
Bow and arrow Bow Compound bow Archery Sports equipment


07 Vulcan- 27" 60 to 70 lbs. Limb Driver Rest and G-5 peep. $450
Bow and arrow Compound bow Bow Archery Sports equipment

Bolt cutter

LH Jennings Starmaster- 28" 60 lbs max. New strings. $75
Bow and arrow Compound bow Bow Sports equipment Kick scooter

Have pics for bows below- just e-mail

'00 Martin Cougar 2000- 27" 70 lbs max, fury cams. Martin launcher rest. Extra set of limbs and 28" 75% let-off cams. $100

'00 Martin Cougar 2000 with shoot thru system. 27" 60 lbs with fury cams $75

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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