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1.5 hour Beltbuckle

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I was at the local club when all of a sudden my quiver went crashing to the ground. very annoying. I figured the buckle just came unhooked so after 8 or ten failed attempts at getting it to hook I took a closer look sure enough the hook had broken off. It was a cheap pewter buckle so I salvaged the belt loop wire off of it and tossed it in the trash. Now I needed something to hold my quiver up. A search through the Ebay offerings left me less than satisfied. So off to the shop I went.

The arrow head is expanded PVC plastic (Sintra) approximately 1/2" thick. I quickly roughed an arrow head shape out with my bandsaw. I wanted it to look like a flint head so I wasn't all that particular with getting it perfect. I then used various shaping tools to get it in the approximate shape I wanted. The primary tool was a Dremel with a drum sander attachment. this is what I used to cut the concave looking chips...

At this point it looked like I wanted but didn't have enough contrast. I grabbed a spray can of tan Krylon and gave it a blast. I then used a paper towel to wipe of the high points and the excess pain. A little light sanding and rubbing on a rough surface and that gave me the finish you see in the photos.

I made the back out of a 1/4" piece of aluminum. I drilled an tapped a hole on an angle for the 10/24 bolt that I ground down for the hook part. Three countersunk wood screws hold the arrow head onto the aluminum backer. The salvaged wire loop part fits into a hole drilled into the end and tada a belt buckle.

Not bad for a necessary quick project, it won't win an jewelry awards but it'll hold up my quiver.


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