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Someone suggested I share these here.

So after a dismal week of chasing Elk in the mountains, (to Hot) I spent my free time getting to learn my new D3 by cruising around 80 miles a day thru the mountains on my KLR looking for some interesting things to shoot.
Sure am looking forward to late season and snow to move the animals down.:wink:

Here are a few I really like and was quite pleased with the results.
My wife is tired of me showing her my images, so I thought I would share them.

And no, None of these are HDR. ;)

I think I like it better in B&W.

Inside the warmer shack at the top of Little Bald Mt.

I thought this was amazing, to see the Milkyway this bright.

I knew that one morning I wanted to drive 19 miles west to the top of Chinook Pass to shoot sunrise on Mt. Rainier, but there where lingering clouds everyday till wed. night. So I got up at 4:30 am Thursday morning and hit it just right.
Funny thing, on the way up the road there was a nice big cow standing on the shoulder 1/2 mile from camp :confused:

Beside the perfect sky's and weather, while there I did call a Bull Elk in from the bowl behind me. I tried to keep him around till I had enough light so I could get in the trees and shoot him with the 400, but another Photographer showed up and spooked him off. still got to see him, but at around 600 yds and circling us.

I started shooting at around 5:41 am.

Before the light.

Here comes the sun.

Full sun on the mountain.

This is from above Lake Tipso.

Thanks for looking.

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Great pictures. You're blessed to have an artistic vision.:)

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Atta Baby!

Very nice pictures...Great hunt!
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