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2017 KHS Fat Bike, 1000W Bafang Mid drive motor and 14.5ah, 52V Panasonic battery. $1650.00

If you’re thinking about getting into an e-bike this one is in great shape and at a very fair price especially when you consider what a similar Rambo, Bakou, or Quiet Kat cost with these accessories.

Local pickup only, Lynchburg, VA 24503.

Don’t be fooled by less expensive hub motor bikes. They will not handle hills without you peddling your blank off.

YouTube ad for this bike:

This bike has a ton of power. Top speed of 20+mph on flat terrain without pedaling. And, for those of you familiar with the Lynchburg area, it has the torque to climb Indian Hill Road at ~12-14 mph without pedaling! Range will vary depending on terrain, your weight, how well you manage your gears, and how fast you want to go.

To give you an idea on range, I can easily go 20 miles on the Blue Ridge Parkway with light pedaling and still have battery left when I get back to the truck.

In addition to base bike with the Bafang mid-drive I’ve added the following:
Front suspension fork
Seat suspension
Fat Board Fenders
Geared down (smaller) chain ring for hill climbing. I’ve got the original if you’re more interested in top speed than off-road capability.
Gear sensor. It cuts power so you don’t abuse your gears when you shift.
Rambo luggage rack and saddle bags.
Rear view mirror.
Bow/Gun rack.
I’ve also got the original KHS 500 parts if you ever want to move the motor to another bike and take this bike back to original.
It comes with the complete Luna tool kit and battery charger.
Capstone Fat Bike car carrier

Links to bike and accessories:
KHS 500 from Luna Cycle:
Bafang 1000w motor kit:
Similar 52V Battery:
Capstone Fat Bike Car rack:
Cane Creek Seat Suspension:
Luna Front Suspension Fork:
Original Bike:
This is the latest model but it’s close to my 2017
Chain ring:
Rambo Saddle Bags:
Rambo Rear Rack:
Gear Sensor:
This is the latest version but function remains the same.
Tool Kit:
Luna Knowledge Base:
This sight has an incredible amount of DYI info. Everything from a simple brake adjustment to a complete motor rebuild to tuning can be found here.
How to build:
Bow, treestand, pond, driveway, ect. not included.


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