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12 Mile Radios?

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Anyone have experience using the 12 mile Motorola radios?
Do they work any better than say the 5 mile ones? I have a 5 mile one now, but wondered if the 12 mile work any better in the woods? I know the 12 mile is rated under perfect conditions, but lets say your in the woods and the 5 mile is losing its range. Would a 12 mile work any better?
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I've had Midland, Motorola and Cobra in GMRS. The Midlands out performed the others by far, and were cheaper than the Motos. Terrain does affect performance. IMO, wattage is an issue, but not as much an issue as the quality and design of the antenna.

Believe it or not, I've actually heard from some of my buddies that the Radio Shack brand 18 mile radios for $70 are very good as well. They don't come in camo though I don't think, but personally, I don't get too many accessories in camo because I don't want to loose them.
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