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12 Mile Radios?

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Anyone have experience using the 12 mile Motorola radios?
Do they work any better than say the 5 mile ones? I have a 5 mile one now, but wondered if the 12 mile work any better in the woods? I know the 12 mile is rated under perfect conditions, but lets say your in the woods and the 5 mile is losing its range. Would a 12 mile work any better?
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Actually Midland has radios that have 5 watts of GMRS that only cost $65 a pair. They say 18 miles on them but in rough terrian you wont get that. I have noticed that over the past few years the companies keep raising the distance on there radios but you really need to check the watts of power not the rated distance. Ive seen Motorola radio that are 1 watt that said 5 miles and then the next year the same radio at 1 watt says 7 miles or even 10 miles. Those ratings are just to sell radios. Anything over the five miles (GMRS) requires a FCC license (in Pa) but trust me everyone around here uses these radios and Im sure they dont all have licenses to do so.
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