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12 Mile Radios?

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Anyone have experience using the 12 mile Motorola radios?
Do they work any better than say the 5 mile ones? I have a 5 mile one now, but wondered if the 12 mile work any better in the woods? I know the 12 mile is rated under perfect conditions, but lets say your in the woods and the 5 mile is losing its range. Would a 12 mile work any better?
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I bought the 12 mile Midlands after using the 5 mile Motorola's for years. I didn't see any advantage to the Midland. Also I think Midland has a quality control issue. I am on my fourth set of radios. They all have had some kind of malfunction that I could not resolve. I am getting tired of returning them for a new set that develops a problem in short order. The Motorola's have been good to go from day one.
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