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I've got a few 13x 16 x 5 wall tents with angle kits.

•6 Screened Windows
• 20 Peice Angle Kit. (This allows you to build your own complete frame out of 3/4" EMT conduit)
•Wire Support System. (Provides additional structural strength by tying your angle pieces together, as well as a place to hang gear)
•Water Resistant Treatment
•5ft Sidewalls
•Zippered Front Door
•Ridge Openings at the top of the tent (a pully-based drawstring allows you to open and close without a ladder)
•Uncut Fiberglass Stove Pipe Jack w/Cover (can cut 4",5", or 6" opening)
•Reinforced Corners, Ridges and Pole Locations
•Integrated Sod Cloth
•Eve Ropes and Tensioners
•Tent Bag
•Angle Bag
•Large Tent Stakes
•Instructions for purchasing and cutting conduit for your frame

Canvas: a heavy duty 10 oz. polyester based canvas - the same material used for military tents.

(Complete Frame Not Included)

I also have a 13x13 and 13x20 tent. Contact me if interested.

$55 Shipping / No Tax


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