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Welcome to the First Annual ArcheryTalk Trail Camera Photo Contest brought to you by!

The idea is simple. ArcheryTalk members will post their favorite trail camera pictures from the dates of April 1, 2014 through January 31st, 2015. The Archerytalk Administration will then select the top 10 photos from all submitted photos for a final vote. Once the top 10 submissions are chosen, a poll will be posted for ArcheryTalk members to vote on over a week long span. The top 5 entries will all take away great prizes.

UPDATE: The poll is LIVE

In order to participate in this contest, all members...

1.) Must be in good standing on all forums.
2.) Must not be a direct employee or affiliate of any of the sponsors donating prizes, as well as an Admin, Moderator, or otherwise affiliate of AT.
3.) Must be willing to provide AT staff with contact information including valid shipping address and contact number in the event you make the top 10 list.
4.) Must be at least 18 years of age.
5.) Submit a photo taken during the 2014/2015 Season.

Entries MUST...

1.) Belong to you. Submitting images you have stolen online, borrowed from a friend, etc. will warrant removal from the contest and possibly further consequences (temporary or permanent ban). Top 10 entries must be willing to cooperate with AT staff as we ensure you do, in fact, own the entries. This may include submitting additional photos with the same background, asked to submit photos from that location in the future, etc. If the photo does in fact belong to you, you have nothing to worry about.
2.) NOT be a photo of a trail camera photo. Please only upload the original trail camera photo.
3.) NOT be a still shot from a video nor will any videos be accepted.
4.) Be submitted by 7:00 EST January 31st, 2015. We will be very strict on this.

Participants are allowed...

1.) No more than one entry per day from launch date until the end of January. Each entry is one single picture, or in the event a panoramic camera is used, no more than three combined images. Multiple entries with very similar subject/background are discouraged. If you have 5 greats shots of the same subject, choose one to enter.
2.) To submit photos that do not contain deer/big bucks. A bald eagle swooping down to grab a rabbit is a great submission...this is not a big buck contest. Big racks don't hurt anything of course. We will be judging the image on its content, background, scenery, clarity, etc.

Your entries will be immediately disqualified and removed if....

1.) You are clearly trolling
2.) Contain captive animals
3.) Are altered in anyway (photo shop, HDR, enhanced..) An exception will be made in the event you are using a panoramic trail camera only. you may combine up to three images for one panoramic entry.
4.) Are still shots, videos, or screen shots.
5.) Are from previous years. Only 2014/2015 are allowed.

All members and participants must

1.) Refrain from commenting anything in the submission thread. ONLY photos are allowed. Do not comment "Nice buck" or "great pic"... An exception will be made for a SHORT description of the picture if you wish. "Got this picture last week in a known bedding area" or "Been watching this buck for a few years" are OK examples.

Am I allowed to submit a photo from a Home Brew camera?

Sure thing. Just be aware this may prompt additional questions from the staff as we investigate the legitimacy of the image if you make it to the top 10.

I want to submit an image from this year, but the time stamp is incorrect

Feel free to submit anyway, knowing that we will require strong evidence that the image was indeed taken this year. Please note this in your submission. A correct time stamp is a major plus, and so is having your AT username in the stamp.

If you have any questions, find out about an entree that violates one or several of the rules, or have feedback please contact either myself, Beamen123, or Jennz1999. The three of us will be running this contest and keeping an eye on this.

All rules and regulations, prizes, and sponsors are subject to change at any time. We reserve the right to remove any images we feel are in violation of any rules.

Primary Sponsor

Huge thanks goes to for being the primary sponsor this year!'s unique and user-friendly web-based app helps hunters understand patterns of specific animals at various camera locations and simplifies the previous laborious process of managing thousands of trail camera photos from numerous cameras and properties.

Compatible with every commercial and home brew trail camera and accessible from any computer, tablet or smart phone, DeerLab automatically synchronizes photos with comprehensive local weather data and allows hunters to easily filter photos by camera, date, weather conditions, specific deer, moon phase and more. In addition, DeerLab identifies which cameras are capturing specific deer, the time of day the deer are most active, and when they show up at a particular camera, helping the hunter identify when and where to hunt.

Product Website Font Design Technology

View all of DeerLab's features or try it with their 14-day, no credit card required, free trial

Here's a short video of how DeerLab can pattern deer:

Make sure to also follow DeerLab on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

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Prize Packages and our Trail Camera Contest Sponsors
Please note that all sponsors and prizes are subject to change at anytime without warning.

1st Place
1 Annual 'Buck' Plan which includes unlimited trail cameras, 50,000 saved photos, and Auto Weather Sync!
2014 Bushnell Trophy Cam HD MAX
2014 Bushnell Trophy Cam Solar Panel
12 Black Eagle Arrows
Pack of Slick Trick Broadheads
Vortex Binoculars w/ chest straps
$100 Lancaster Archery Supply Gift Card and Shooter Jersey
Predator Camo Adrenaline Jacket and Pants
Vapor Trail String and Cables
Vortex Hat

2nd Place
1 Annual 'Buck' Plan
1 2014 Bushnell Trophy Cam HD
Bass and Bucks $100 Gift Card
Slick Trick Broadheads
Vortex Hat

3rd Place
1 Annual 'Buck' Plan
Pack of choice of Grim Reaper Broadheads
Rip Cord Arrow rest
Vortex Hat

4th Place
1 Annual 'Buck' Plan
Pack of Choice of Grim Reaper Broadheads
HillSide Custom Slings custom shark tooth wrist sling
Covert Decals
Vortex Hat

5th Place
1 Annual 'Buck' Plan
BowAdx Gear
Vortex Hat

AT staff will be randomly selecting entries that could win some great Covert Prizes!

Covert MP8!
Covert t-shirt
Hat from covert
2nd Amendment wrist bands from Vortex

Sponsor List for the First Annual ArcheryTalk Trail Camera Photo Contest brought to you by - DeerLab’s trail camera software changes the way you view and manage trail cam photos. Say goodbye to folders and start saving time learning about your deer, turkey, etc!

Black Eagle Arrows - - Black Eagle Arrows was created with two very clear goals in mind. One was to offer the highest quality products. The second was to offer those products at the lowest cost possible.

Slick Trick - - These are an ArcheryTalk favorite! Slick Trick has teamed up with us to donate two packs of broadheads. Extremely sharp, accurate as a field tip!

Vortex Optics - - Vortex is another ArcheryTalk favorite and home of the V.I.P (Very Important Promise) Warranty. Unlimited Lifetime Warranty. Fully Transferable. No warranty card. No receipt needed... if you ever have a problem, no matter what, they WILL take care of you!

Lancaster Archery - - Since 1983, Lancaster Archery Supply (LAS) has fueled the growth of archery by providing archery equipment to businesses, organizations and individuals worldwide. With the highest levels of integrity, technical expertise, and customer service, Lancaster Archery has earned respect as a leader in the industry.

Predator Camo - - Whether you are in the Rockies hunting elk, in the open country stalking prong horn or in the treestand hunting whitetail, Predator has the gear to improve your odds.

VaporTrail Archery - - Vapor Trail Archery was founded in 1993 by a shooter frustrated with consistency and quality of the archery equipment available. The result? VaporTrail is now considered one of the top string makers in the world.

Bass & Bucks - - With a newly revamped website, Bass & Bucks of Wabash, Indiana has a TON in stock! Check them out for all your hunting needs! They offer brands such as Elite Archery, BowTech, Hoyt, Mathews, Mission, Scott, and Spot Hogg – just to name a few.

Grim Reaper Broadheads - - Grim Reaper Broadheads have been a personal favorite of mine for quite some time. New for 2014 Grim Reaper is excited to announce the Fatal Steel and Hybrid broadheads featuring solid stainless steel ferrule. Check them out!

RipCord Arrow Rest - - One of the most popular drop away rests on the market RipCord is 100% made in the USA. RipCord doesn't believe in the "good, better, best" philosophy, instead they only make one grade....the best!

HillSide Custom Slings - - This guy is awesome! Custom made paracord rangefinder lanyards, bino lanyards, neck lanyards, bow wrist slings, survival bracelets, dog collars and key fobs. Very reasonably priced. [email protected]

BowAdx - BOWADX was established early in 2013. It has been a dream of Chad Davis (Founder) for several years. 2013 is the year it all came together, and the dream was put to thought, paper and then into action. Check out the site for some great apparel and accessories.

Covert - - One of the most commonly suggested trail camera companies on the Forum, Covert offers a camera for every need and budget. Take a look at some of these great examples of fantastic trail camera photos

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The following are all example of what we are looking for. All images used with permission from the owner.

Watercourse Water Water resources Wildlife Nature reserve
Nature Water Watercourse Tree Water resources
Wildlife Mammal Deer Impala Terrestrial animal
Herd Wildlife Grass Pasture Grazing
Wildlife Deer Nature Nature reserve Woodland

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here is one of many bear pics i will be adding..great contest,excited to see the pics from everybody..:).Grizz

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This bear was about 12-14 feet outside my Camp..My dog was going ballistic this night in Camp,i found out why next morning....:).this was during Turkey season....Grizz
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