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2" Blazer's & Magnus 100gr.Stingers Combo

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Doe's anybody have any experience using blazer vanes and magnus stinger broadheads? I'm going to be using them on axis 400 arrows and just wondering if they will handle the stinger head. Just trying to figure out what to expect.. Thanks in advance for info..
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I myself have preferred G5 Tekan broadheads (and with blazers they're amazing), but have recently been looking for a good, quality fixed blade BH for when I hunt in KY (b/c someone from KY game dept. said no tekans). I put some 4 blade 100 grain stingers on yesterday with my blazers and WOW same flight as my tekans and fieldpoints. Tekans are still my first pick, but stingers come in a close second followed by shuttle t's. Blazers are amazing and with stingers a deadly combo.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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