Items For Trade:

Looking to trade my (2) 33" Contour CS long rods (in white) for 30" or 27” rods. I'm also looking to trade one 12" Contour CS side rod (in white) for a 15" or 15” for a 12” (I have one of each.)

I wanted to experiment shooting with 15s but forgot to ask the sizes when I purchased the set. Shaking my head at myself. Getting old is a thing. 🤣

The twelve and one of the 33” has wear from mounting. There are tiny nicks on the on the newer 33” and small nicks on the other 33”.I tried to show them in the photos. The 12” doesn’t have a sleeve.

Thanks for your time.
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Will Trade For:

(2) 30" Contour CS long rods, (1) 15" Contour CS side rod (in white)