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Looking to sell a few releases.
1-Scott Wildcat: This is a used release. However, it still has lots of life left. Price: $40.00 OBO.

2-Scott Backspin: This release is also used, and does have some cosmetic damage that does not affect the way it shoots. What happened was, I had one of the screws for the interchangeable finger attachments break off, and I tried to remove the screw but could not. So I ended up drilling it out. Therefore there is only one screw holding on the finger attachment now. I was using the hole to put a wrist strap on the release for when I was at the range. Still shoots flawlessly. Price: $90.00 OBO

3-Stan Mag Micro: This is an older release that has paint chips and some damage near the hook. I received it from a friend and have fired it quite a few times. The damage doesn’t seem to affect the way it shoots. Price: $50.00 OBO.

I am located in Canada. Shipping will be included in the price of the items listed. These are USD prices, not Canadian. If PayPal is used, then fees will be the buyers expense. I will also except money orders if needed. Items will ship after money is received. Thank you for looking. 47F18066-0A2E-41AC-84B8-5032A05D738C.jpg 97F3A2C2-38D1-4499-8105-FAC9F8FDCCD7.jpeg 7333F0A0-B386-41B8-BF3B-AF2AC3A87935.jpeg View attachment 6534601


1 - 4 of 4 Posts