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2000 redline to 2001 redline cam change?

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Not sure if anyone else has tried this but I have a 2000 ultratec xt2000, 60-70, with a #5 redline cam (29"). Anyway I'd like to shorten the bow up. I had my dealer check to see if hoyt had any #2.5 or #3 2000 redline cams but they don't.

I have so far been unable to find a 2000 redline cam in the right size. However I can get ahold of a #2.5 or #3 2001 redline cam and idler wheel.

The problem is adjusting the string length. My understanding is everything else (limbs/axles/etc) should be fine. However, in 2001 hoyt changed their ultratec riser (not only thinner stock but I believe the old riser was longer).

I'm just curious if anyone has made a similar change and knows what adjustments must be made to the tune chart string lengths to accomodate the new cam. I haven't tried calling hoyt and asking them yet, that might be the best bet. Someone also gave me another person to try and contact that I will do as well but I thought if anyone here new it wouldn't hurt asking.

Thanks in advance.

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I was looking into your question. This is what I found. In 2000 the ATA on the UTec was 38.375" and in 2001 the ATA was changed to 39.125" for the XT2000 limbs. Yes the riser got longer. On a 2001 UTec with a 2.5 cam, the buss cable is 42.5" and the string is 95.5" This is right out of the Hoyt specs. So, if you were to put a 2.5 cam on 2000 bow, just subract 0.75" from the aforementioned string and cable length, and you will have it.

String = 95.5 - 0.75 = 94.75
Cable = 42.5 - 0.75 = 41.75

Good luck.

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I wondered about that, but I think it must be more than that for the following reasons.

I tried this line of thought as well. When I looked at hoyts charts this is what I get.

2000 ultratec xt2000, redline 27" (#2.5 cam) ATA - 38 1/2"
2001 ultratec xt2000, redline 27" (#3 cam) ATA - 38 3/8"

The difference in ATA as I read the tune charts for these setups is that the 2000 is actually slightly longer (by 1/8"). Or that the limbs are just preloaded differently since the 01' has a slightly longer brace height as well.

In 2000, the ultratec xt2000 in 27.5 used a #3.5 cam with a 97.5" string and 40.5" cable.

In 2001 the ultratec xt2000 in 27.5 used a #3 cam with 96" string and 35.5" cable.

If the cams were the same just different lenghts of risers the string and cable lengths should be much closer. It should be possible to reverse engineer them on the 00' and get similar numbers. They do both get shorter in 01' by not by a logical number to fit with our idea. Also the fact they changed cam sizes to get the same draw leads me to believe the cams were changed slightly in design.

That idea would probably work if you had a 2000 and 2001 ultratec with unstrung limbs so you could take measurements and do the comparison that way, then reduce/lengthen the 2001 measurements on that data, but I don't think just a listed ATA is enough to do it.

BY the time I get this sorted out I will probalby have found someone with a 2000 cam in the right size :)


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I have the following

1 - 2000 RL-3-R-HO

1 - 2000 RL-4-R-HO

I don't have any Idler wheels, call HOYT's customer service and ask for Beory. He is one sharp cookie with the specs and cable/string info. He's a good guy as well.. I thru out all my spec info when I sold the last 2000 UT that I had. Beory can tell you what size the #3 and #4 will go to.

The #4 cam has a hole drilled thru it where we tried to install a homemade draw stop peg. It didn't work so I filled the hole with JB Weld and recolored it black. It's fine, but I will drop the price on it anyway just to be fair.

Let me know if you want one of them, or try both of them to see what works best. Then you can just send back the one you don't need....

PM me or email [email protected] with your address and I will send them out tommorrow....

Good Luck

Bart Shortall
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