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2006 BowTech "Tribute Cam Timing"?

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Hey guys I know you can help or give me some info. to ask or just to make sure the bow shop is doing this right.

I am taking my 06 Tribute to a local bow shop (Adams Archery, Michigan) to get my cam timing back in order. I notice it is off, or so I think. Their are 4 dots on each cam. On one cam their is 2 dots on one side of the limb showing and one dot on the other side of that same limb. The other cam has only one dot exposed on each side of the limb.

Here are the specs for a 2006 Tribute: I have the speed modes and a 28.5 DL set at 65#

IBO Speed (Fast):320-328fps
IBO Speed (Smooth):312-320
ATA Length:31.5"
Brace Height:7.5"
Draw Lengths:26-30"
Draw Weights:40-100#
Bow Weight:4.1 lbs

My question(s) are: Where should the dots on both cams be? Are they both off or just one? And if so, which one? Or if they use the current specs to set the bow up (BH and ATA) will this put every thing back in order? I will also try to call Bowtech in the morning before I leave. Thanks!!!
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Check out the tuning section

Go check out the tuning section and there is a sticky posted by Dave Nowlin. There is a ton of information in that thread about tuning binary cam bows. I spoke with him on the phone and he is a great guy. If you need details send him a pm and he will probably call you and answer any questions you have.

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From what I have been told and how my bow is set up there should be a dot on each side of the limb. I also have the 06 tribute and when I turn it down for turkey season I have to play with the limbs a little to get the dots where they should be.
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