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Not 100% sure at the time if I want to part with this bow or not. It is a great shooter and has very minimal wear on the camo finish. I'm looking to sell the entire thing so its set up and ready to hunt. This is a great bow as a lot of people still have or wish they still had there 06 or 07 tribbys. Only reason I'm thinking about selling this bow is I was told to make room for a Z7 since I work at a store that sells Mathews, otherwise It would be heading to the woods with me this fall for sure. The bow says it is a 29s adjustable draw length with a ESM3.5 module, and is currently set at 28" but can turned up to 29" or down to 27". Once again this is a great bow and considering its age I would say it is in Excellent shape. I also still have the owners manual and "birth certificate" to go along. Bow is located in Iowa. I will have pictures up later tonight.
Asking $550 since it just had $100 worth of strings and cables put on. NOT looking to trade sorry.

2007 Bowtech Tribute 60#
-Toxonics K955 tool less adjustability sight
-Alpine soft lock 5 arrow quiver
-Whisker Biscuit rest
-Mean V custom string stop
-Sims S coil stabilizer
-wrist sling
-NEW Trail Strings and cables with G5 meta peep already tied in
(still have original strings and cables that come with for that just in case moment)

Factory Specs From Bowtech quick reference guide
Brace height - 7 3/4
Axle to Axle - 31 1/2
Mass Weight 4.2
IBO Smooth Mod - 310-318 fps
Kinetic Energy - 80.6 fpe

THANKS to all who look and I can only hope someone will enjoy this bow as much as I have.
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