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2007 Real Tree Hoyt Proelite setup with Cam 1/2 #6 Cams with 75% Letoff Mods. and brand new High Voltage Strings.
This setup is currently where the bow is sits Draw Length can be adjusted from 29” to 31.5” in 1/2” increments. Currently the bow draws 75-85 lbs as this cam system added poundage over my Spirals Cams.

Secondly, the Spirals can be reinstalled in the bow this string set is a custom Bucknasty String set and this pulls 60-70 lbs.
Both sets of Spirals Cams will come with the Bow the 6.0 yields a Draw Length of 30.5” and the 7.0 Cam yields a Draw Length of 31.5”.
I’m also included the Vapor Trail Limb Driver Rest as it was recently installed and the center shot was setup and timing was adjusted.

The limbs are XT2000 103 degree deflection based on the pre 2013 number. If need be the limbs can be replaced with a lower deflection and bring the Cam 1/2 into a lower poundage weight.

Bow is crazy accurate I’m the second owner and since I’ve had the bow it always been worked on by my local Hoyt Dealer.
I can provide the latest work order on the Cam1/2 and String Install.

The CBE Sight is NOT included as part of this sale. I will remove the sight before the Bow Ships.

The rest, cams, strings and bow are all included.
Asking $450 shipped

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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