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i have a 2008 hoyt katera bow for sale.
the bow is a black demo bow that was never on the shelf.
the Draw is 29" and it is 60-70 lbs.
it has impact archery sights
quality archery desine ultry drop away rest.
10 or 11 carben exspress arrows with 100 gr. fild points
i have a hard case for the arrows
a soft case for the bow.
it comes with a side quiver
a bare paw release that is kind of old but works perfect
the bow has been use out side only one time for about 10 shots
i shot indore with it adout 10 times
this bow is in perfect shape. i'm working just about 7 days a week that is my only reason for saleing it. Plus i just got married......
i can send pics to you if you need them just let me know
price is $450.00 thanks chad
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