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2008 Mathews S2

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Just purchased my 1st Mathews bow yesterday. Must say I am VERY impressed with how smooth and quiet the bow is. Also must say the bow has a GREAT balance and feel to it. Now to my question....

I want to get the most out of my bow speed wise without loosing the quietness of the bow.

Any ideas?...

Here is my current set up...

2008 Mathews S2
DW 70#
DL 28"
Mathews HDII Overdraw Rest
Copper John Dead Nuts 2 Micro
Sims Limbsavers Quad
Sims String Leaches
Mathews String Supressor(Factory)
Easton ST Epic 400 @ 26.75" w/ 100 gr tips and 2" blazers.
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Well to get the most speed out of it with that setup, you need to make sure everything is in spec (cam timing, ATA and BH) then make sure that you are shooting it at 70 pounds.

After market strings could gain you a couple feet.

But with that arrow and your draw length its going to be hard to get a lo of speed out of that bow. You'll be around 275 I would guess. Which is plenty fast for killin stuff!

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Not looking for 300+

I havent actually put it on a chrono yet. Mathews has the IBO speed at 318. I kow with my short draw I am loosing speed. I did check the draw weight it is actually at 68lbs. and will max to 74 lbs. didnt know if changing to a lighter arrow would work IE Carbon Express Maxima 250 or anything else. Have also heard a Aftermarket String tamer would gain 3-4 fps. Any truth behind that?
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