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I want to compile some information on all the 2009 Mens Pro Freestyle shoot-off. So I will need some help to gather all the information I need. So please help me fill in the blanks if you can.

Here is what I want;

I have the names of the 20 shoot-off shooters.
City, State of residence
How did each place at Louisville in 2008 and 2007
Bow mfg.
Bow model and year
String maker
Release (mfg/model)
Stabilizer mfg/model
Other key or unique equipment used.
AT user ID if available.

I'm mainly doing this out of curiosity but also think it will be information others will enjoy or benefit from. I have the highest respect and admiration for all of these shooters that can compete at this level. No less respect to all other shooters with a special respect for the youth I saw at Louisville. I would have loved to watched all of the youth shoots and I really hope to see some posts honoring these young shooters. If the Pro's or wannabe Pro's need tips on how to remain relaxed during this intense event, just watch the really young shooters.


So, please help me if you can.


Post the info' or PM to me and I'll update my spreadsheet as I get new info'.

thanks in advance.


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NFAA results

Jeff is correct, only 10 in the shoot off. The NFAA website lists past years winners, do your own homework.

Cuz- Hoyt
Grant- Mathews
Jimmy D- Hoyt
Reo- Hoyt
R Payne- Hoyt
Braden G.-Hoyt
Chance- PSE
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