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I've decided to sell my nearly new condition right handed 2009 model PSE Thunderbolt X with the NGRX adjustable energy cam system. This bow is of higher quality than the new Bow Madness XS that are available today, but basically they are very similar and the same bow. This is a highly efficient bow that has a short axle to axle length of 28.5" and it has a very foregiving brace height of nearly 8". Bow is set at 29" draw length and 70lbs. Bow is adjustable from 25-30" draw length and ranges from 60-70lbs. 65-80% letoff.

Bow comes with a Ripcord fallaway rest, Treelimb Apex quiver, True Glo - 5pin microsight w/adjustments & LED ligting, G5 peep sight (tubeless), Trophy Ridge stabilizer & PSE Vibracheck back stop string suppression system.

I will take $450 for the entire package or $300 for the stripped down bow. I might even throw in some extremely nice arrows which are camo patterned for this bow and they are Easton Obsession Mossy Oak 400's (9.1gpi's) with NAP Quickspin St's fletched on them.


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