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2009 pse

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Same rumblings/ramblings over at :

Anyone know anything here?
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all I can say is the single cam stuff makes some nice improvements in the speed department and price points.

hybrid cam stuff with some slight improvements all around

Pro Series will have added value features on the bows, a little more than the mainline stuff.

I heard one of the guys on the PSE forum recieved an 09 Brute with what is very simular to a BEST Grip, thats at the 399 (If they stick with this years pricing) price point, I have been told its not as good as the BEST but its pretty close.

Once again PSE will have the highest average IBO speed of the big 5 companies (In no particular order, PSE, Bear, Bowtech, Mathews, Hoyt) accross the entire line being offered.


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Any ideas as to release and purchasing dates?
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