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2009 Vegas Shoot-Off Video!!!!!!

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Ok guys, the video is up finally... All 41 minutes worth :)
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Watch the video

It was a great shoot off... and I was very glad to be able to see it in person. Great Shooting by ALL!!!

I don't get the people saying that Morgan was announced the winner and then it was taken away from him. He was never announced the winner. (watch the video).

The 1st judge's scores were read... and then the other judges were brought in immediately to do the follow up calls. There was never a mention of anyone being the winner during that 11th end.

Being able to challenge a call is well within the rules, so what did you want them to do? Not read off the 1st judge's call?

I think they proceeded and handled the announcing and the challenge exactly right.

Congrats to Reo... amazing shooting.
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