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:first: Here are the dates for the 3D Archery Shoots for Silver Trails:

June 19th-9am-5pm (receive a medal, pin or patch)
June 20th-9am-3pm (shoot-off for trophies at 3:30pm)

August 7th-9am-5pm (receive a medal. pin or patch)
August 8th-9am-3pm (shoot-off for trophies at 3:30pm)

September 11th-9am-5pm (receive a medal. pin or patch)
September 12th-9am-3pm (shoot-off for trophies at 3:30pm)

All-You-Can-Eat "Hunter's" Breakfast from 7am-11am for $5.00
Lunch items available for purchase
Price: (per course)
Adults (13 & over) $8.00
Youth $5.00
Kids (8 & under) $2.00
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