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Shipped TYD Pricing paypal, money order
Bare bow for sale incl. peep & loop: $430
Bow plus a brand new Octane Hostage Pro(less than 50 shots): $475

One of the quietest, dead in the hand bows made!

I'm Selling my like new Bowtech Captain. I have personally put less than 50 shots through this bow and the previous owner barely shot it as well. The bow is in really good condition and has the rare Next FLX Digital Camo. The reason I'm selling is because I already have a Sentinel and I'm going to stick with that bow. There are some very minor wear marks in the finish wear the the finish has slightly rubbed off on the curved portion of the riser (see pics). I'd say it is an 8.5-9/10 as far as cosmetics go. The original strings and cables are still on it and in great shape.

This bow does not need a press to work on which is an awesome feature. Just back the limb bolts out to work on it.

Bow Specs:
Right Hand
60-70lb DW
24"-30" DL adjustable via rotating mod on Cams
315-325 IBO
7" Brace Height
34" ATA
Let Off 65-80%

PM me for offers please

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