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2010 Bowtech Sniper. I would like to get $380 for the package TYD. ( I will accept paypal and pay the shipping to anywhere in the US at that price ).



Brace Height: 7 3/4"
IBO Speed: 304 - 312 fps
Axle to Axle: 34 1/8"
Draw Length: 27" - 32" ( adjustable mods - so no need for individual mod change or cam changes)
Adjustable Let-Off: 65 - 80%
Draw Weight: 70lbs (Will go down to 55lbs.)

Current hunting setup / accessories included with the bow:

  • Quick disco Bowtech quiver + 4 XX75 Hunter 2315 arrows
  • Trophy Ridge whisker biscuit rest
  • Limbsaver S-Coil stabilizer
  • Copper John Dead Nuts 3 pin camo side
  • VibraCheck string stop
  • Braided wrist sling
  • Saunders HYPER-GLIDE™ Fast Bearing Cable Slide
  • D-Loop / hunter style peep

It is currently set at 31in draw / 70lbs. The bow is excellent condition with no dings, marks, or flaws in the finish. The string is in average condition and may need to be replaced in the next year or 2 depending on how much you use it. Only been in the field one season. I bought it a new leftover inventory from a dealer in 2012. Perfect for the TALL guys out there looking for a Long Draw (LD) bow that is adjustable out to 32 inches.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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