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Hey guys I have my G5 Quest Primal for sale. It is a 29" draw 70lbs G-fade and AP camo. Great shooting bow never had any issues with it. IBO is 332, actual is 305fps with 344gr arrows. I am selling it because in the past 2 years I have only been hunting 4 time and could use the money for other hobbies. This bow will come with everything.

Axcel Armortech 5 pin with 0.019 fibers and built in harmonic dampener.
Trophy taker smack down fc in AP camo
G5 maglok quiver 5 arrow
Scott little bitty goose release with velcro strap
9 Easton flatline DOA 0.003 tolerance cut at 27.5" with blazer vanes
Plane pro 44 case with built in accessory box
Taranchula field quiver with belt
it will also come with some broad heads 3 rage 2 blade. 1 of them need the blades replaced. Sorry shot a bobcat 35 yards

Text me if you are interested and I will send pictures. I am on my iPad and it will not let me upload them.

Thank you.
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