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I have a beautiful speed pro for sale. 2010. All black. 50-60#. Set at 28.5 but has rotating modules. I will also include the speed modules. Shot maybe 100 times. New winners choice strings (100 shots). The bow is awesome, it just didn't suit me.

Cams: Trinary II Cam - Archery's Most Efficient Cam System!
Limbs: Barnsdale 6 Layer Laminated Limbs
Riser: Forged, Machined Aluminum Riser
Pocket: Pivoting Talon Limb Pockets
Rollerguard: Dual String Stoppers with optional rollerguard - no stopper
Grip: Handgrip with thumb groove and no pressure points
ATA: 33 inches
Brace Height: 7 inches
Mass Weight: 3.5 lbs.
Let-Off: 80 percent
IBO: 340 - 350 fps IBO

$500 tyd firm. no trades please. Bare bow only.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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