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I have used, but well cared for, 2011/12 Limbsaver DZ32. Next G1 camo. Bow has owners manual, catalog and proof of purchase date from Sims Labratory. Bows have factory installed-full set of Limbsavers on riser, strings (needs to be replaced - see photo), limbs. These bows can be completely disassembled without a bowpress. Asking $350.00 or best offer.
Specs are as follows:
Right Handed
Bow - Limbsaver Deadzone DZ-32
Brace Height 7.125"
Draw Length - 28"
Draw Weight - 60#
IBO Speed - 325-330 fps
AtA Length 32"
Weight - 4.5#
Letoff - 80%
Strings are Winner's Choice and in very good condition.
2 of the string suppressors are missing (position 2 & 3) and a piece of one (position 1) on photo. Needs a new set.
Everything else is in great condition... at least an 8+ out of 10


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