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I am selling my 2011 LH APA Pit Viper and all accessories. I recently jumped back into archery after about 14 years and bought this bow. Over the past 2 months I have re-evaluated and realized I will most likely be doing 95% target shooting and am looking at putting a target package together.

Some specs on the bow:

IBO Speed: up to 330 FPS
Brace Height: 6 5/8
Let Off: 80%
Weight: 4.2lbs
ATA: 31 1/4"
Draw Weight: 60lbs
Draw Length: 25-30"

With the bow I will be including the following items:

Carbon Hunter Stabilizer
G5 Rock Sight with light (.019 pins)
G5 Mag-Loc Quiver
Scotts New Silverhorn NCS Release
Tru-ball Release (spare)
6" Stabilizer (not sure the name but takes all vibration out)
5 x Easton Flatlines (cut to 28 5/8")
Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest

The G5 sight, Silverhorn release, G5 quiver, and Carbon Hunter stabilizer are only 1 month old and everything else is 2 months. After being away from this sport for so long I was amazed at the technology. This bow shoots and feels AMAZING. Solid wall, no vibration, fast and forgiving. Shot some good numbers with this setup. This package would run around 1500-1600 new and I am asking $1000.

I would like to sell everything together and I can email high res pictures if interested.

New to the website but can list on Ebay to make buyer feel more comfortable. Ebay account has 100% positive feedback.

Any questions just ask!




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