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Pics can be seen in craigslist ad...

2011 Martin Onza 3 Compound Bow -- Carbon Fiber Black Paint with Blue Accents -- Right Hand -- 70lb limbs - No press needed adjustable draw length (27.5"-30.5") -- Winner's Choice String - 335 FPS IBO rating
Other Features: Nitro 2.0 Hybrid Pro Cams Fast. PowerTough Limbs, CNC Machined Solid Block Aluminum Riser, SADDLEBACK Thermal Grip, String Suppressor, VEM Vibration Vortex, Roto Cup Pivoting Limb System, Quick-Lock Stabilizer Mount with Integrated Quick Disconnect System, Silent Hunter Arrow Shelf with Patented VEM Technology. Weighs 4lbs.

Whisker Biscuit Rest
Black Vital Bow Gear 3 pin sight with angular pins
Limb saver stabilizer with Carbon Fiber Paint (has scratches in paint)
Blue Paracord Wrist sling
Blue Limbsavers
Blue Bowjax string silencers
Blue D-loop
Redhawl Peep
Bohning Lynx 4 arrow removable quiver in carbon fiber paint
String suppressor
Original string from bow that was never fired.
Spare blue D-loop material
Owner's Manual

This has been a good shooter for me and is easily adjusted for draw weight and length. The paint looks really cool. I get a lot of compliments at the range. Looking for $350 for the whole setup or $300 for bow only.

I can add seven maxima blue streak 250 arrows if needed for more $.

Will ship cheap for AT buyer. Paypal accepted.

Thanks for looking
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