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2011 Moneymaker Hybrid has me stumped...

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OK guys, help me out,
I got a 2011 Moneymaker Hybrid set at 60lbs, RH, 28.5" draw. I'm setting it up for 3D shooting, so it has a TT Springsteel rest (.010) and Fatboy 500's with 80gr points. When i shoot thru paper from about 6-8 feet, i get a hard right tear -----<. Here is what i've tried so far:

The cams are on the timing marks and there doesnt appear to be any lean at brace or full draw.

I had the centershot so that the arrow was parallel to the machined groove on the riser shelf. I can move the rest way out to the left, and cut the tear down to about an inch, but it 's real obvious that it's not where it should be.

I tried twisting the rt-side yoke, without much improvement. For kicks, i twisted the lt-side some and it got worse.

Even though a rt-tear indicates a "stiff" arrow, i tried a Beman 400 and a GT X-cutter, and they also tore right. Not sure i want to try anything less than a 500.

In the past i have found a couple of bows with improper limb orientaion and was able to work those bows out. In this case however, the penciled deflection numbers are under each limb bolt, and have been smeared away by the turning of the bolt/washer. So if this is the problem, i wont be able to tell.

I used a variety of grip pressures trying to influence the tear, with no effect.

I have to rotate the cable rod out to about the 3-oclock position, or the cables will scrub the string stopper at full draw. This really pulls the cables away from the arrow. So i removed the string supressor altogether, reset the rod for minimal clearance, and still got the right tear.

Any ideas??
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I swapped the limbs around today, but i dont think it helped much. I got it to shoot a bullethole, but the center of the arrow is 1" from the riser, and the tail is pretty high. Something still must be whacky...I'm shooting a 28" Fatboy 500 at 57lbs at 283fps. I tried a CE350 and a Beman 400, but their tears were worse.
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I was always under the impression that you move the rest towards the riser to fix a right tear.... I'd center it back up and start over and move it over the other way
I agree, the point needs to be in line with the fletchings, so if the point tear is left of the fletch tear then that indicates that the rest/point need to move right to get in line! Sheesh or at least thats what my feeble brain is telling me?

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Keep in Mind Up and Downs can affect the left and rights too.

I have many times lowered the rest and got a left tear or vice versa. Looks to me you are very nock high in that photo something to ponder on anyways.
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