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This is my barely used 2011 Pse Omen Pro, in Infinity Camo, Right Handed bow set at 28 Draw in 40-50lbs. The bow maxes out at about 54 lbs give or take a few ounces. I bought this bow new in December for January for the indoor 3d league. 10 week league ended in March and I got a new bow so this is up for sale. Guys and gals this bow will smoke most 60-65lb bows and even some 70lb bows with a 300 grain arrow. You will be shooting in the 318-321 range if your timed right and tuned. It is easy as pie to draw at this weight as well. There is the Omen hump in the draw cycle but at this weight it is a joke. Bow comes with D Loop, G5 Peep, and the QAD LD Pro Rest on it. I can add the Tru Glo 4 pin sight if someone wants a complete setup. TYD with the sight $650.00, bare bow $550.00 (D Loop and G5 peep will stay). You will be impressed, that I guaranty! Payment by Paypal as gift, Paypal buyer pays fee, or US Postal Money Order.

Peak ATA/IBO Speed: 366 fps
Set: 28"
Draw Weight: 40-50#
Brace Height: 5-1/2"
Axle-to-Axle: 33-5/8"
Let-Off: 70%

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