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This bow is great for a beginner or a Woman. You talk about make a person Christmas with this thing! You can look at the ratings on a Hoyt! All you will see is good Hoyt builds the best Quality bow you will find! This bow shoots very very smooth and quiet.

I shot my first deer with this bow and i love it! This bow will lay the smack to whatever you're shooting at.

2012 HOYT RAMPAGE!! GREAT BOW!This bow is fully loaded besides a quiver and arrows. The bow comes with this:

$525 shipped TYD!!!!!

-27"-30" draw and a M4 1/2 Cam

-Draw Weight: 50-60lb.

-4 pin TRUGLO sight. Needs a battery for the sight light.

-Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit that has frayed a little but is still in good condition

-Trophy Ridge Stabilizer

-Cobra Wrist Release

- This bow has had close to 200-250 shots put through it and on a Hoyt its just breaking in.

The only bad spots on this bow is on the top Limbs and thats from going through Breyer Patches which has lead to a few paint chips. Also on the sight screws and this is very very common is a little rust i have kept it in a case since i first got it of course when i'm not using it.





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