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2012 Prime Shift opti fadeRight handed . 60lbs . 29" draw length
New cables , strings & serving string arm in 2014
Cable and serving silencer.

Model: Shift LR
Cam System: Parallel
Weight: 4 pounds
Brace Height: 7 inches
Axle-To-Axle Length: 30 inches
Letoff: 80 percent
Riser: Forged 7000 Series T6 Aluminum
Limbs: C1 Laminated
String: BCY 452X (Trophy)
Cables: BCY 452X (Trophy)
Grip: G-10 synthetic, 2-Piece
Finish: Optifade
Advertised IBO Speed: 332
Comments: Quick, quiet and fun to shoot.

The Optix XR2 offers extreme versatility, using one hybrid floating pin along with Smart Pin technology which allows pin adjustment without ever deviating from the centerline of sight. The XR2 offers one fixed Smart Pin and one hybrid floating pin. Standard features include a harmonic damper, arrow bumper, and integrated sight bubble for consistent shots. Opti fade finish

Plus pin light

G5 meta peep

Kwikee Kwik - 3 SS - 3 Arrow Quiver -

Holds a multitude of arrow sizes
No accidental knock offs
Twin arrow holders prevent unwanted noise
12" overall length
Quick detach system that Kwikee is known for
Dual "fits-all" arrow retainers hold all types of arrows
Weighs just 5.6 oz.
Low profile design


Ripcord Code red
Exclusive Arrow Containment System -- Bump or tilt your bow and your arrows stays on
Internal Brake System -- eliminates all contact caused by launcher bounce.
Lighting fast fall away assures fletch clearance even on the fastest bows.
Soft red rubber over molding eliminates the need for extra moleskin.
Two-position containment arms fits all bows.
Offset cord won't interfere with arrow travel
Shoot your arrow with ample clearance between containment arm and launcher.
Slimline launcher lets you move rest inside center shot (where many new bows tune best) without riser interference.
Internal dampening system minimizes noise
Shoot from up or down position with exact same point of impact.
Plenty of windages and elevation adjustment

400 shipped

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Well if it had a 27-28" draw I'd look at buying it, but adding in extra cost of cams and installation eliminates me. Good luck!

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