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2013/14 PSE Phenom SD LH dughter used for Freestyle Archery curently has pink trim but could be switched up by purchasing PSE trim set. Well sell Bow by itself or with Freesyle components. What the Bow has on it now.....
1. Pink and Red Cherry top of the line Winners Choice string 7 months old
2. Specialty Archery #2 Clairifier and and Pink non shaded housing
3. Trophy Taker SSpro micro adjust arrow rest and .010 lizzard toung launcher
4. 28" Doinker Stabilizer with extra weights and quick release
5. Pink Kick Stand
6. 2014 Surelock Supreme sight and Pink apex scope housing 4x lense with case and tools
7. Pink D loop
8. 3 compartment quiver with a couple side pockets gray and black.
9. Plano Bow Guard AW Hard case with locks

Bow shoots very well and has helped launched my daughters archery venture. #1 reason for sale is she was given a chance to shoot Mathews and seems to be enjoying it the same. #2 could put a little money back in dads pocket :) She still goes back to her PSE and enjoys shooting it about the same as the Mathews Conquest 4. This bow is fairly adjustable making it a nice grow with you package. it's curently set at 39pounds and 25"draw. Go to PSE and look up the specs. Can sell hard travel case with bow for an Additional $100 for safe shipping. Buyer pays shipping fees.

Just bow price $500 + $100 for hard case.
everything above $900 including hard case.


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