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Hello Everyone,

I'm selling my 2013 Mathews Creed. I purchased the bow off this forum about two weeks and (here's the thread and it's just not the bow for me. I'm so used to shooting my PSE Bow Madness XS and I just can't make the switch. It's really a great bow. You can message member soybean81 if you'd like to verify I purchased the bow from him. We had a very smooth transaction and he left me good feedback after the purchase.




Here's all the specs:

29" draw and 60-70lb limbs (currently set at 62 pound)
200ish shots, bow is in great shape

only minor flaw is 2 different sized e-clips on lower limb from when soybean81's shop changed the cam. It literally has no effect whatsoever on the bow and was verified by both of our pro shops, you won't even notice it.

Very small pen mark on the riser where the rest mounts that is used for a reference mark. Again, barely noticeable.

$700 bare bow TYD
For $750 I will include the 7" Ktech stabilizer (Lost Camo)'

I'd prefer to sell this with the stabilizer.

I accept Paypal but you cover the PayPal fee
I will cover shipping and insurance on the package

PM ME or text me. My names Ed phone number: 856-534-2733

**no trades
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