If you are already shooting 2013s or if you thought of experimenting with 2013 shafts, here's your huckleberry. :)

Ten 2013 Platinum Plus shafts, 28 1/8" cut to cut. Well loved, but lots of hugs left. Nine have 4" black feathers

With these you get: (edited to add that yes, some of Carbon Express components fit 2013 shafts perfectly).

1 doz nibbs 68gr unopened pkg
11 Bullet Points 125gr, not threaded for additional weights
17 adjustable weight points 125gr, threaded for additional weights
12 20oz threaded weights
12 45gr threaded weights
16 pin nock adapters
24 Super Uni bushings

$100 tyd lower 48. PM for additional questions, pics, etc., thanks.

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