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HHA products SUCK
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BACK UP FOR SALE THIS TIME FOR GOOD, other deal fell through.

2014 Elite Energy 32 ALL Black Custom TAZ Strings
2014 Elite Energy 32
65# max limbs
27.5 draw (mods change dl and I do not have any)

All Black
With peep and loop this bow shot 299fps (ave) at 345grains and 283fps (ave) with a 396grain arrow.
Shooting fletched and bare shaft almost perfect at 20/25/30 yards.
This bow was timed and tuned by Tim himself.

Comes with factory side plates.
Custom TAZ Tim Zimmerman Strings and Cables

I took this in on trade and I was very impressed with this bow. Actually shocked me that I liked it so much.
The bow is far more quiet, more vibe/shock free than any Elite I've even had. AND I'VE HAD A PILE OF THEM.
The biggest thing I've noticed is how well this bow holds. It's kinda F R E A K Y.
$789 tyd

Add the timed, and tuned QAD HDX Rest (matching light blue cord) for and extra $80.
Extra $20 you can have the 1 piece grip too.

I will hold out on offers for the bow and rest together first.
Great shape bow, never been outside.
E32.jpg e32 top.jpg E32 Bottom.jpg
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